Woolworths Essentials Range

Getting the
basics right.

The challenge


As part of Woolworths’ own brand renovation, which started in late 2015, and with the objective of improving quality and value, we recommended that they add a whole heap of personality to their Essentials range.

Melanie Baker
Senior Brand Portfolio Manager
Woolworths Food Co.
Frost*collective provided a simple yet unique approach to the repositioning of our brands. They took the time to understand our customer and their problems with the existing ranges to help transform their shopping experience.”
Our thinking


We needed to give shoppers the confidence that a value purchase was something they could be proud of. Lifting the range out of the one colour, no-frills formula was a strategy intended to breathe life into an everyday range that didn’t want to shout compromise.

The creative


The design solution focuses on expressing practicality for products through vibrant, genuine and charming illustrations which add a human touch. Free from unnecessary embellishments, we stick to simple truths about the product with only necessary information.

Bright, bold colours are approachable and friendly and simple pack iconography makes navigation clear and information easy to find. The red Woolworths logo tab acts as a promise of quality and a commitment to value.

Serious savings don’t have to look serious and by adding personality and charm, shoppers can feel good about their purchase.



Our work delivering the creative strategy and concepts for the Essentials range has been a remarkable success with double-digit sales increases since introduction. We worked closely with Marque Branding, who adapted and executed the concepts across the full range of products.

Peter Hathaway
General Manager — Marketing
Woolworths Food Co.
The response has been extremely encouraging, with combined Woolworths and Essentials rebranded sales experiencing double-digit sales and unit growth, higher customer penetration and spend per customer on Woolworths and Essentials brands similarly up.”
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