University of Wollongong

Helping a complex organisation stay on purpose and deliver a consistent global brand.

The Challenge


Our relationship with University of Wollongong spans several years, multiple campaigns and, most recently, a strategic repositioning of the brand against goals set out in the 2016-2020 Strategic Plan to take it to the top 1% of universities globally.

In light of this brand recalibration and the opening of new campuses across the world, it was more important than ever that UOW had a consistent, compelling and recognisable brand experience, wherever in the world this may happen.

So, when it came to capturing the design and strategy of the brand refresh, which provided UOW with a unified and consistent brand, a digital ‘Playbook’ was the right solution for an organisation of this size. Helping to unify all global campuses and provide a single source of truth for anything UOW brand, the UOW Playbook is a living, breathing digital experience for the future of UOW.

Our thinking


Making changes to a brand can be complicated enough, changing guidelines can be even harder. With traditional brand books typically sent out as PDFs, there’s no telling who has which version, or whether they even bother to read a new release when they’re happy with what they’ve had for the last couple of years.

Inspired by UOW’s brand values, we set about challenging conventions to create a platform that would lead change, make a positive impact and deliver a consistent brand experience.

As a living breathing entity, the Playbook is designed to grow as the brand evolves, with changes and updates easy to make on this journey. A constant source of inspiration, it’s a chance for the people using it to be inspired to continue to add to the brand’s rich story. More flexible and modern than standard PDF guidelines and a never-ending source of potential, the Playbook benefits everyone at the university, not only as a source of helpful tools to ensure the consistent future of the brand, but as an inspiring and motivating brand experience that embodies UOW.



UOW is the first university in Australia to put its brand guidelines online and the Playbook marks the start of a creation of a brand world. It brings the brand to life, showcasing the future-fit ‘moving brand’ as well as being a comprehensive design style guide that provides a quick, accessible and easy to use toolkit to produce collateral consistently and effectively.

Easy to navigate with plenty of examples and explanations, the Playbook simplifies a potentially complex experience for the end user. It covers everything from UOW’s history and philosophy through to logo usage, typography, photography methodology and tone of voice guidelines for communications.

The Playbook also effectively aligns international campuses around the world, making the brand globally consistent and cohesive, while enabling teams in diverse markets to cater to their audiences with culturally specific tools and inspiration.

Chris Griffiths
Design Director
The Playbook is a fully future-proof solution – as UOW evolves in the future, so will the Playbook.”


Emily Osborne
Director Strategic Marketing and Communications
Frost* has delivered a highly functional site – even better than I was hoping or expecting. They understood our business needs and helped devise this incredible solution. The responses from our marketing teams in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Dubai have made this project particularly rewarding. They have been blown away by how easy it is to use and very quickly and seamlessly implemented new resources that now ensure UOW’s brand.”


Distinction – 2020 AGDA Awards
Project: UOW Digital Playbook
Category: Identity/Identity Manuals

Silver – 2020 Best Design Awards
Project: UOW Digital Playbook
Category: Business Communication

Distinction & Judges Choice – 2019 AGDA Awards
Project: ‘Wollongong Strong’ Student Recruitment Campaign for UOW
Category: Design Crafts/Writing for Design

Merit – 2019 AGDA Awards
Project: ‘Wollongong Strong’ Student Recruitment Campaign for UOW
Category: Print/Campaigns

Merit – 2018 AGDA Awards
Project: ‘Unibrands’ Rebrand for UOW
Category: Identity/Branding (Small Business)


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