Sydney Airport

From Sydney
Airport to 

Sydney’s Airport.

The challenge


Sydney Airport had a vision to make Sydney proud every day. It needed a new direction and positioning for its brand to help reaffirm and communicate its position in an evolving transport tourism industry.

Our thinking


Sydney Airport is committed to innovation in travel and technology to make the journey more seamless. We needed to bring this focus to the fore, while channelling Sydney’s best qualities to instil an unmistakable sense of place, culture and perspective to its new visual identity.

Sydney Airport is a gateway to the city and to the world. An extension of Sydney, it’s a first impression, a last memory and all the human stories in between. We repositioned the brand from Sydney Airport to Sydney’s Airport, to embrace what it enables – humanity, warmth, energy and optimism.



We modernised the existing airport code logo using bolder, more contemporary letter forms. Built around typography, the visual identity is brought to life using colour, pattern and natural photography that captures the spirit of Sydney and enhances the emotive response to the brand.

The graded logo suggests luminescence and movement, while the large colour palette speaks to Sydney’s vibrancy and diversity. We wanted to celebrate the brand’s offerings through the lens of Sydney’s unmistakable landscape, conjure a sense of place and make Sydney proud.

The messaging framework, “From want to need, from paddock to plate, from today to tomorrow”, communicates the breadth of airport services, such as tax-free shopping, food and parking, while the emotive tone of voice captures the joy of travel.

Ant Donovan
Group Creative Director
Sydney is not one thing. It’s an international city, a cultural melting pot, an unmistakable landscape – it’s aglow with light and energy. Our ambition was to connect the world to that Sydney feeling – that transformation that happens, the emotions we feel and the experiences we enjoy and return to time and time again.”


Geoff Culbert
Sydney Airport
We play a big role in the lives of Sydneysiders every day, so we’re focused on investing in the things that matter, and that includes our brand. The new look SYD is fresh, bright and much more approachable helping us connect with customers in a more authentic way.

Our brand has been very corporate in the past and our Centenary provided the ideal timing to re-set. We’re thrilled with the work from the team at Frost* and look forward to rolling it out across multiple touchpoints.”
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