Changing perceptions
of a much-loved
household name.

The challenge


Strandbags is a travel and fashion bag destination. Founded in Australia in 1927, it is a hugely successful business and a household name across the country. Although still highly profitable, Strandbags had become acutely aware that its once successful brand strategy and visual language was now threatening its current relevance. It needed a collaborative partner to clarify its point of view and renew its retail experience to align to a younger, global audience, without alienating its current loyal customer.

Strategic insight


Strandbags was operating in a sea of discounts. Percentages, numbers, stacks of product and ubiquitous discount messaging was creating an overwhelming in-store experience and diminishing the quality perception of its product. The truest aspects of the brand – its genuinely good-quality products and the astonishing breadth, diversity and relevance of its range – were lost.

Our aim was not to change who Strandbags is, but rather to bring the most genuine and relatable parts of the brand to life in-line with current consumer expectations and changing retail market conditions, both on and offline. We also needed to expand its demographic into a younger market without alienating its existing customer base.

Buying a suitcase is typically a functional experience. How could we inject inspiration into it? How could handbags say ‘fashion’? How do we make value visible? How could we make the breadth of range visible and navigable? We needed to tell a story that connects with the audience and brings Strandbags’ strengths to the fore.

Our strategy focused on transitioning perceptions from ‘discounter’ to ‘value retailer’ by injecting a sense of lifestyle and travel into the brand experience; from ‘luggage’ to ‘travel’, ‘handbags’ to ‘fashion’.



The brand idea “Taking People Places” brings this to life. It’s not about discounts and bargains, it’s about life’s journeys. No matter who you are or where you’re going, Strandbags has the right bag for you.

The new wordmark represents the connection between bag and person, always by your side, enhancing every journey and adventure. The handle is the symbol of this connection, creating the start of a journey, from A-B and beyond.

Lifestyle photography captures the variety of scenarios, from having coffee to hailing a cab, leaving hotels to walking in parks – the bag catering to any human need. While the bag is in frame, the hero is the journey.

By using the brand’s iconic red in a more premium way, establishing a clearer messaging hierarchy throughout and forming a strong narrative, a new Strandbags journey begins.

To elevate the in-store experience, we came up with recommendations and solutions to help customers better navigate the offer and make it a clearer and more appealing sensory experience. Online, the objective was to enrich the digital experience by getting the basics of e-commerce right, boosting the brand’s presence on social media, and crafting more effective marketing communications. We thought about how the online and off-line experience could complement each other and work together to deliver a seamless and inspiring experience across all touchpoints, while aligning with the brand idea.

Jeanne Ogilvie
Customer Experience Strategist
Created in parallel with the brand strategy and identity design, the CX plan is devised to position Strandbags as the dominant value bag destination; becoming more aligned with the target customers experiential needs and expectations around travel and fashion.”


“The Frost*collective team was an amazing partner for us to define a new brand platform and customer experience for our business. They respected our heritage and moved us forward. It was a collaborative, fun and very productive process.”

Felicity McGahan
Managing Director

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