Background and challenge


The retail environment has been challenging in recent years. Like other retailers, Strandbags was aware that the formula that has proven successful so far required a refresh to deliver success in the future.

As part of a three-year strategic plan, Strandbags engaged Frost*collective’s CX team to investigate their current customer experience and develop a strategy for delivering a best-in-class retail encounter that satisfies new customers’ needs, hopes and expectations, without alienating existing loyal customers.

Our approach


We started off by interrogating current perceptions of the brand and experience by both loyal customers and non-customers. Over 80 customers and non-customers were interviewed, across seven stores within NSW. After interviews with senior stakeholders and in-field observation, we uncovered that Strandbags’ operational and business models were driving the customer experience.

We also investigated the impact on quality perception of current communications, messaging, visual merchandising both online and offline. Lastly, we set out to identify the key drivers for visiting Strandbags and explored opportunities for making shopping at Strandbags more attractive for current customers as well as attract new segments.

Solutions and outputs


We created a set of customer archetypes that helped employees, from buying teams to store managers, better address customer needs. We developed a set of tangible recommendations geared towards attracting a younger and more style driven target audience by injecting a sense of lifestyle and travel in the offer and brand experience.

We also established a framework to transition from perceptions of a discounter to a value retailer and developed of a list of actionable recommendations to better communicate on value vs. price alone, e.g. communicate and highlight style, quality of range, service, experience.

In parallel to this, we developed a new brand platform around the brand idea of “Taking People Places” to drive the experience and brand representation across all touchpoints. This new brand platform was the basis of all our recommendations.

Jeanne Ogilvie
Customer Experience Lead
Created in parallel with the brand strategy and identity design by Frost*, the CX plan devised to position Strandbags as the dominant value bag destination; becoming more aligned with the target customer’s experiential needs and expectations around travel and fashion. The intention here was about helping customers understand the breadth and relevance of the offer, the quality of the product, and to ultimately transition perceptions of Strandbags from ‘a discounter’ to ‘a value retailer’.”


Our CX work has allowed teams to become aligned internally as to the future of the business and what type of customers they wanted to attract, which in turn, has resulted in better aligning the product and messaging with target audiences’ needs and aspirations.

Strandbags has successfully implemented their new visual identity, communications and e-commerce platform, and is currently in the process of rolling out their new stores.
Prioritising a customer-centric approach and perspective has made shopping at Strandbags more rewarding for current customers, while helping them attract and consolidate new customer groups with high experience and value standards, all ultimately leading to revenue growth and a stronger business.

“The Frost* team was an amazing partner for us to define a new brand platform and customer experience for our business. They respected our heritage and moved us forward. It was a collaborative, fun and very productive process.”
Felicity McGahan, Managing Director, Strandbags

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