Sekisui House

Defying category norms
to let SHAWOOD Homes
stand out from the crowd

The backgruond


Sekisui house is a leading Japanese property builder and developer. Founded in Japan in 1960, it has built over two million homes worldwide and is one of the fastest growing community developers in Australia.

Sekisui’s SHAWOOD Homes combine Japanese organic design principles with pre-engineered precision for a visionary level of quality and liveability. While SHAWOOD was previously limited to Sekisui House’s Hermitage development, it is now more widely available across Sydney, offering Australians human-centred design and ingenious engineering at an affordable price.

As SHAWOOD Homes entered the Australian House & Land Packages market, we created a comprehensive brand and marketing campaign to set this pinnacle of Japanese design apart in this highly competitive market.

Our thinking


The Australian House & Land Packages market is crowded and complex, dominated by finding deals and haggling over individual features for bargain prices. SHAWOOD needed to rise above this approach to finding a home and connect with buyers on a functional and emotional level, as well as being understood as better and beyond comparison. We needed to created brand affinity: people buy a SHAWOOD home because of the brand and because it’s the best.


The brand idea of ‘In a class of its own’ allowed SHAWOOD to step outside of category norms. By positioning SHAWOOD as a product that is a class of its own, rather than just another house or land package, the search, the endless comparisons and the quest for the perfect home is over.



Rather than teaching people about why SHAWOOD is better, our creative approach focused on connecting with them in a charming, optimistic way that aligns with Japanese humility and belief in nature and humanity.


Buyers testify that when you walk inside a SHAWOOD home, you just know. It’s a moment of clarity and realisation and people are liberated from the quest of finding the perfect home. This led to the creative idea of ‘The One’ – like looking for love, you don’t always know what you’re looking for, but you know when you’ve found it.


The creative idea culminates in a campaign film that captures the pure joy of finding ‘The One’ at the end of a long and arduous search. The emotional focus of the film shifts SHAWOOD beyond category norms and provides stopping power in a crowded market.


‘The One’ then sets up the rational and practical sales information, such as design and features, while retaining a warm, human tone.


The brand strategy of ‘In a class of its own’ gave SHAWOOD a solid platform and helped bring the creative idea of ‘The One’ to life. It was launched in October 2020 across brochure collateral, website and display panels and an advertising campaign, including out of home, video, social media and digital display. ‘In a class of its own’ continues to be SHAWOOD’s mode of operation for every interaction and communication tool, both internal and external.

Chloe Mahon
Marketing Manager
We were impressed with the team’s positive approach and their understanding of our brand and vision. The campaign film was a key part of the strategy, which Frost* produced seamlessly and with the utmost professionalism. We thoroughly enjoyed the collaborative process with Frost* and believe that SHAWOOD ‘The One’ is one of the most exciting and innovative marketing campaigns that the property market has seen for some time.”
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