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Queen & Collins

An intriguing
brand of character

The challenge


Queen & Collins is a never-to-be-repeated opportunity. This historic Melbourne precinct incorporates architect William Wardell’s famed 1887 Gothic bank, as well as the 1890s Safe Deposit Building, the former Melbourne Stock Exchange and a neo-Gothic tower created in the 1990s.

As the home of ANZ Bank for over a century, the site has never been open to the public. Now, in the hands of visionary property developer, GPT Group, this entire Melbourne city block is being revitalised as a new destination for work and life.

We were brought on board to create a brand that’s as unique as the place itself. A key focus was to attract the types of commercial and retail tenants that would appreciate its unique Gothic qualities while bringing a new contemporary spirit and energy.

Our thinking


From the beginning, we wanted to hero Queen & Collins’ gothic history, not homogenise it, bringing it to Melbourne in a reimagined way.

In the context of a place that has oodles of architectural character and back story, our brand idea ‘The Rewards of Character’ aims to celebrate everything that makes the site unique, as well as encouraging people and businesses to connect with their own sense of character and individuality.



What better way to bring the brand idea to life than by creating our own character – a modernised gargoyle inspired by one of the gargoyles on the building facade.

The marketing has been all about creating intrigue. Gothic-style words are contrasted with images of art and indulgence to create a unique tone of voice and brand identity.

With a distinctively different approach, the campaign began with a sense of mystery. Hoardings, teaser videos and social media posts were used to fuel intrigue and desire, tantilsing the market while uncovering the fuller story over time.

To take things to the next level, we partnered with BVNReel on creating a virtual  tour, which brings the place, brand and experience to life in one place so tenants can walk around and experience the site in its full glory.

When it became clear that COVID-19 would cancel the project’s launch event, we quickly worked closely with the client to change tack, looking at new ways to communicate in response to the restrictions. Key approaches were moved to screens, including a video series on the stories behind Queen & Collins, as people became hungry for content.



Our distinctive, character-filled marketing approach has resonated with businesses wanting to be part of a building that’s rich in character and difference, driving an above-market number of leads.

Martin Ritchie
Fund Manager
GPT Group
Even during COVID-19 the marketing is working, with tenants saying this is the type of workplace they want their people to come back to. It's all down to the idea of character and the uniqueness of the campaign.”
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