AMP Capital
Quay Quarter Display Suite

A village in the sky.

The challenge


The new AMP Quay Quarter tower designed by 3XN Tower is the most significant piece of architecture to hit the front steps of Sydney’s Circular Quay. This “village in the sky” introduces a whole new building concept that changes how people interact and work within organisational space, centred on human needs, wellbeing and state of the art technology. The space selected to house the new iteration of the Quay Quarter Sydney display suite was an 80sqm office space on Level 25 of the original heritage AMP office tower at 33 Alfred Street.

AMP Capital set us the task of creating an enticing, informative and memorable customer journey within this limited area. The objective was to interpret the qualities and character of 3XN’s architecture and the core creative idea that the Quay Quarter Tower will be the ‘workplace of the future’, making work environments more human, more flexible and more imaginative.

Our thinking


Our concept thinking began by looking at 3XN’s aspirations for Quay Quarter Tower. We drew together a list of themes: view, location, architecture, trust, generous, human, community, culture and 3XN’s Kim Nielson’s notion of a ‘vertical village’, and created a strategy for interpreting them into an interior design scheme using materials, technologies and spatial configurations.

The curved walls, warm materiality and overall layout of the display suite was chosen to juxtapose the clean, angular white design of 3XN’s architecture. It was also designed to disorientate the visitor and create a controlled journey and sequence of experiences throughout the suite so the agents could guide the visitor through the sales journey.



A royal blue, glowing circular entrance heightens anticipation with a custom curved royal blue door, a unique and unexpected detail, where the entry is unlike any commercial threshold, therefore further disorientating the visitor.

The approach to the interior form and joinery detailing is from a modernist, clean aesthetic. Many corners have a radius so that the junction between the ceiling plane and the walls is blurred and the functional timber joinery floats within this clean curved white box.

Community spiritedness, design intelligence and reinvention are key values that are explored and consciously built into the suites’ physical space to make the experience accessible, creative and authentic.

Outside of aesthetics, the brief was for the suite to feel ‘high tech’ so we engaged a digital consultant to deliver digital works concepted by Urbanite.

A short-throw lens projector is hidden behind a wall and immerses the entrance in a series of moving images of water and sky. The immersion of the entrance is intensified with a blue mirrored ceiling framed with a blue glow around the perimeter and an intense blue custom inset rug, all of which create a very dramatic entrance. The projection can then be controlled by the Sales Agent via iPad for a custom entry and exit experience.

To give visitors a sense of the amenities of the surrounding precinct, the vertical timber model was projected with services, features and assets of the local area, which was controlled and tailored remotely by the agent.



The suites are designed to create positive interaction with and add value to the Quay Quarter Tower brand and convey that amazing ideas and creativity will result from collaborations that happen within Quay Quarter Tower.



Silver – 2017 Sydney Design Awards
Category: Pop Ups, Display, Exhibit & Set Design

Bronze – 2016 New Zealand Best Awards


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