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The background


As the transformation of Sydney’s Circular Quay waterfront continues, its newest precinct Quay Quarter gets closer to fully coming to life.


As is the case with many of the places we work with, it’s our job to create a sense of place for a destination that’s in transformation, and in the process of being delivered.


The Quay Quarter Magazine, which we dubbed “The Quarterly” serves a dual role –helping to secure retail tenants and as well as spreading the word about this new Sydney destination.

Our thinking


To help people experience a taste of what’s to come, our idea was to theme the magazine around the senses – sharing its future sights, sounds, tastes and textures.


The edition explores the sensory delights of Quay Quarter as it moves from dawn to dusk, and into the night.



Working with writer Stephen Lacey, we explored the many sensory experiences that sit at the heart of the future Quay Quarter.


Features on future sights include a major editorial piece on the work of Indigenous artist, Jonathan Jones, as well as a mini booklet on designer Tom Dixon, who is creating the Lobby of Quay Quarter Tower.


On the culinary side, we explore new trends in natural wines, as well as a feature on the future of lunch, brought to life by our resident illustrator Mike Souvanthalisith.


These inhouse illustration skills were also put to use in creating a walking map of the precinct, as well as creating a guide to how to clean leather shoes drawing on the wisdom of legendary Sydney cobbler Andrew McDonald.

Throughout the issue, the stocks change in texture and colour, to emphasise the sense of touch. A series of icons for each sense also enrich the reading experience.


By using all the craft of editorial design – from features to illustrations and vox-popping people on the street – The Quarterly is designed to sit comfortably on any newsstand and makes tangible the culture of one of the most exciting redevelopments in Sydney – a place for all the senses.



Finalist –  2020 AGDA Awards


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