Mascot Campus

It's the journey
that counts

The challenge


Our work with Qantas has traversed a broad scope of communication systems for a range of stakeholders, internally and externally. With the client on board with the notion of designing well-being, the team understood that productivity could be enhanced through workplace design.

Qantas’ redeveloped HQ in Sydney’s Mascot, is a workplace that aligns with key brand and cultural drivers.

Our thinking


The redevelopment saw a consolidation of seven disparate buildings into one campus comprising four buildings, connected and pulled together with an expansive glazed atrium. The new HQ represented a significant change to the way Qantas had previously operated. The signage needed to create a connected workplace experience, helping to foster innovation, instil a sense of pride in its employees and offer a place for the company to proudly engage with clients and visitors.

To encourage interaction and collaboration throughout the four buildings our signage and graphics strategy put the
user-experience at its core.

The process was complex. We started with diving into the worker’s experience, their needs and friction points. Based on this foundational understanding, we created concept designs for key sign types, staged detailed designs and produced documentation to align with the building works. The signage system is introduced from entry and continues throughout the campus and workplace floors across all four buildings.

Distinctive signage that serves to guide users around the new campus effectively, empowering staff and instilling in them a new sense of pride.



The signage includes large-scale, illuminated letterforms that identify campus buildings simply and elegantly. Based around the idea of a ‘journey’, forms are soft, organic and contemporary, with curved edges.

An elegant and restrained materials palette was used, including frosted acrylic perspex and satin-finished, anodised aluminium. Aluminium frames encase frosted acrylic sheets, in-turn illuminated by a matrix of LEDs sitting below the surface. This results in signage that literally shines like a beacon, guiding users around the building. The graphics are applied vinyl die-cut lettering rendered in two shades of grey, designed to facilitate changeability.



Carlo Giannasca
Managing Director
We’ve worked with Qantas for many years in customer facing arenas, so it was exciting to help the airline bring its brand to life at its company headquarters. The campus is the beating heart of the organisation, therefore it’s vital that Qantas’ values are embedded within the very fabric of the site.”
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