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PS I Love You - 8 Phillip St

Bringing a lot
of love to

The Challenge


Coronation’s 8 Phillip Street in Sydney’s Parramatta was looking to raise the bar for residential developments in Sydney’s ‘second CBD’. With enviable lifestyle, a rooftop bar and high-quality design, Coronation had a considered and sophisticated product. But with significant residential competitors coming online in Parramatta, they needed to be vocal about their ambition and what sets the development apart in a sea of ‘same’.

Our thinking


Drilling into the vision for the project, the passion that Coronation had for improving the residential offering in Parramatta was clear. This wasn’t a cookie-cutter development, but an honest and fresh response to a contemporary market need in the burgeoning area.


So often a development’s identity is borne of the symbology of the architecture, but rarely speaks to the emotional connection that draws us to the places we live. Embracing the passion at the heart of the project, we rejected this conventional naming approach, and called the development ‘PS I Love You’.  An acronym of its Phillip Street location, the name also cleverly provided a platform to speak to all the things buyers could ‘love’ about the development and Parramatta itself.


A cheeky and friendly brand voice enabled the campaign to cut through the cluttered, cliché- filled market and speak directly to the experiences on offer at the heart of the project.




Continuing the theme of raising the bar and doing things differently, market-leading and high impact touchpoints included an immersive VR tool (which was featured on Channel 7 News), graphic murals and large scale outdoor executions. A premium sales suite invited potential buyers into the experience-led world of ‘PS. I love you’ and showcased how Coronation was committed to delivering the highest quality experience to a formerly neglected market.


An expressive visual entity with a warm palette and handwriting-style type humanised the proposition to buyers.

As a progressive developer, “PS. I Love You” satisfied Coronation’s thirst for a different branding approach.



The first stage of the development sold out after 200 pre-launch expressions of interest, with $110 million in sales achieved in the first few hours. The VR played an important role in this success, with 83.5% saying after experiencing the VR they were more likely to purchase an apartment and 84.6% saying the VR experience changed their impression of the development.

Joe Nahas
Managing Director
Coronation Property
This is our third significant project that we have worked on with the Frost* team and once again, we’re extremely happy with the results. The level of creativity and the range of brand executions they have delivered for 8 Philip Street is outstanding and consistent with our position as a progressive brand in the property sector.”


Winner – 2017 UDIA Excellence in Marketing, Urban Development Award


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