Net Zero.

The challenge


Pollination is a global investment and advisory firm helping governments and companies transition to net zero emissions. When 12 global leaders in finance, investment, technology, law, policy and sustainability approached Frost* to help define their new venture, we jumped at the opportunity.

Armed with a brand name and laser focused mission, Pollination needed a strategic and creative partner to bring the brand to life with a robust strategy, identity system and website in time for its global launch at New York Climate week. At a time when the landscape is littered with greenwashing Pollination needed a brand strategy and identity that cut through the clichés to match their deep thinking, intellectual rigour and relentless tenacity.

Rob Jesudason
No global challenge is more pressing than climate change.”
Strategic insight


When it comes to climate change, businesses and governments are aware that big solutions are needed now – and they have often set sustainability and emissions reduction targets – but the path to achieve real, systemic change is unclear. Unsure how to move forward, they default to convention, inertia and anxiety.

Pollination combines creative, big picture thinking with on-the-ground action. Its ability to combine law and policy with investment unlocks profound change, much greater than investment alone. As well as investing in systemic change, it also brings together brilliant minds to pollinate bold new ideas, drive capital flows and revolutionise our economies.

With a team that often splits its time between the office and deploying capital in the field, Pollination lives its purpose. It needed an identity that impressed its ability to work both incisively and with imagination.

Martijn Wilder AM
Founding Partner
The shift to net zero will be permanent. With courage and vision, we will revolutionise our economies.”


To communicate Pollination’s unique way of working, we developed an identity based on working collectively towards a net zero carbon emissions future. The graphic logo tells this story in a number of ways, alluding to time and the importance of continuous collaboration. 
A black and white colour palette highlights that climate change is not a grey area, while an intelligent yet dynamic brand voice serves up intellectual rigour and creative thinking in equal measures.

A photography library champions the role Pollination plays at the centre of the climate change story, by taking an editorial, world-view approach to climate change topics. The duality of photography style – close-up details vs. ‘bigger picture’ images – captures Pollination’s ability to interrogate the problem in order to make informed decisions, as well as using its imagination to solve tomorrow’s problems with more than today’s solutions.

Tony O'Sullivan
Founding Partner
Combining law and policy with investment will enable profound change, much greater than investment alone.”


“Frost* designed a brand that pushes us to where we need to be. They listened and challenged us, and the result is a dynamic brand that breaks conventions and ensures we stand apart – now and in the future.”

Martijn Wilder AM

“The Frost* team showed total dedication and depth of understanding from the beginning. Their brand strategy development was exceptional, and they went above and beyond to deliver an identity system we’re all proud of, with the added pressure of a tight time frame. It’s a true strategic and creative partnership that has set the business up for an exciting future.”

Kate Rayson
Marketing & Business Development Director



Distinction — 2020 AGDA Awards
Category: Identity / Branding (Small Business)

Silver — 2020 ANZ Transform Awards
Category: Best Strategic or Creative Development of a New Brand


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