Exercise your
creating a brand
that everyone sees
a little differently.

The challenge


Nubo has developed a new concept in children’s play centres, enabling self-learning through connection and play.

Collaborating with Nubo and architects Joey Ho and Patrick Leung from PAL Design Architects, we created a brand to express an engaged play experience that helps children and families explore, connect and learn.

Recognising that the average play-centre fails parents and children with loud and over-stimulated environments, Nubo set out to redefine the sector with a beautiful, innovative space.

Ant Donovan
Group Creative Director
When a project like Nubo comes along, my eyes light up like a Christmas tree, you just don’t stop thinking about all its potential and the things it could be.”
Our thinking


We embarked on a comprehensive strategic phase to arrive at the idea of “exercise your imagination” and to develop the naming.  These insights were instrumental in the architectural design of the new play experience and directly informed how the brand was expressed throughout the space.

The brand philosophy is built around the notion of exercising your imagination while celebrating the uncomplicated innocence of children. We know play nourishes children’s development as well as their social, physical and emotional skills. These insights were instrumental in the architectural design of the new play experience and directly informed how the brand was expressed throughout the space.

Diving into the customer experience of competitive market offerings enabled us to better articulate this insight and the opportunities it provides.

Ant Donovan
Group Creative Director
Watching kids interact in an environment offers real insight into the learning process. Seeing kids play at Nubo, I witnessed a genuine and honest delight, showing that if children have the opportunity to interact with quality spaces, their interactions can be incredibly valuable.”


The word ‘Nubo’ translates to “cloud” in Esperanto, a universal language invented in the 19th century to foster harmony between different nationalities. When looking at clouds – a universal reference to dreaming and imagination – we each see something different and unique, and both facilitate learning.

This idea is visually demonstrated in the brand logo utilising the ‘B’ as a cloud device and is flexibly executed across multiple brand touchpoints including the environmental signage program.

Aleesha Callahan
Australian Design Review
A striking feature of this project is the way all the elements have come together seamlessly – from the interior design to the branded elements (aprons, collateral) and the website. Every touch point along the user journey feels well thought and like they’re one part of the whole.”


“Working with Joey Ho and the Frost* team has been an exciting and enriching experience. The outcome is quite stunning, and we have already received incredibly positive feedback from parents and children who have visited.”

Mollie Li
Chief Imagination Officer



Best in Class – 2020 Good Design Awards
Category: Communication/Branding & Identity

Silver – 2018 Graphis Awards
Category: Branding/Education


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