Adapting successful experiences in new environments.

Background and challenge


Nubo is a children’s play centre concept anchored in the brand idea of Pure Play and Exercising the Imagination (which the Frost* team developed as a first piece 
of work). Nubo creates an environment for parents and children to learn and grow together through inspiring stories and activities.

Two years after opening the first Nubo play centre as a stand-alone location, the team turned their attention to expanding the successful concept to a second centre: the busy Chatswood Chase shopping mall.

Adapting the Nubo experience, brand and offering for this busy, multi-use environment generated a host of new challenges and opportunities for the teams involved. We worked together to develop a strategy and execution plan encompassing the customer offering, experience, service and brand for a successful Nubo Chatswood Chase.

Our approach


We first wanted to immerse ourselves in the Nubo experience, but also other play centres, as well as the Chatswood Chase shopping centre. We were able to gather great insights from the existing customer base of Nubo Alexandria, which helped us understand what was working, what wasn’t and see how the new Nubo Chatswood could best position itself to deliver on and even exceed expectations.

We investigated the needs and journeys of local Chatswood parent’s and children and how they interact with the Chatswood Chase shopping centre experience and environment. We set out to interrogate parent frustrations, fears and barriers regarding shopping with children, such as the emotional tensions and dynamics of both needing time for themselves and the hesitancy of leaving children. We also analysed the different friction points within the physical environmental, constraints and service needs.

This work enabled us to develop a set of experiences tailored to a new set of local customers. We also investigated and helped design membership programs and incentives to increase brand loyalty and advocacy.

Solutions and outputs


Our team designed and developed additional Nubo offers, including a Drop Off service to address a major need for parents in shopping centres.

We identified and segmented the different engagement zones within the new play centre and provided a set of solutions and recommendations to address customers’ needs for each zone and combining it into a cohesive and coherent overall experience.

The experience insights and recommendations were used to inform the architect’s structural and interior design of the play centre to optimise experiences and reduce friction. We also helped bring the brand to life across all aspects of the experience – activities, environment, brand communications, information & content, service and customer engagement.

Mollie Li
Founder and CEO
The CX work helped the team understand the entire customer journey holistically and define what the role of each touch point is and how to configure them to facilitate a compelling overall experience.”
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