Nine Entertainment Company

Shaping the future workplace of a media giant

The background


Following their landmark merger, Nine Entertainment Company needed to unite their new brands and staff together in one place. For our Urbanite team, this was an opportunity to shape the future workplace of Australia’s largest media player.

Our thinking


The new building was set to connect television studios, radio broadcasters, historical print publications, digital sites and video streaming platforms under one roof.

We developed a bold graphic and signage system to activate the space, connecting staff to the building, each brand, each achievement and each other, helping create a proud, unified workplace.

The creative


Our design approach uses visual form to inspire navigational function. Inspired by Nine Entertainment’s original brand mark, we deconstructed their iconic logo to develop an elegant line and dot device.

By playing with form, scale and materiality – the device adapted to a wide range of visual and functional uses across the workplace: from floor-to-ceiling level identification, the construction of signage, the flexible magnetic tags on directory maps, to the design of simple pictograms and wayfinding.

The environmental graphics are intended to be the primary driver of the workplace’s unified vision. By extending the line and dot motif to form a graphic device that is minimal and considered, yet iconic, the graphics are a seamless extension of the interior design.

“A set of Graphic Guidelines specifying sizes, materiality, and considerations for choosing imagery help the client achieve visual consistency and allow them to unroll a rich and inspiring tapestry of their accomplishments.”

The result


Along corridors, signage, lobbies and lifts – the bold graphic treatment reflects the gravitas of the new company, helping create a proud and unified working environment for the brands and people that are shaping the Australian media landscape, now and into the future.

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