Musica Viva Australia

Musica to our ears

The background


Against the backdrop of a global pandemic, border closures, changing venue capacity rules and social distancing requirements, Musica Viva had to rethink how they could engage their audiences to successfully launch their 2021 season.

With the live music scene in distress, it was crucial to keep existing subscribers engaged and excited about the upcoming season and their annual commitment to Musica Viva, without losing their trust along the way. The campaign needed to inspire the community and remind them of the vital role of music in building a stronger, more creative and connected world.

Working with their marketing team and new artistic director, Paul Kildea, we developed a fresh identity, creative campaign and digital experience to launch their new season with a bang.

Our thinking


Kildea had reimagined the once international programme with his debut curation of Australian-based talent.

In the face of so much uncertainty, we took Paul’s approach as inspiration for our central campaign idea – VIVA 2021, launching the season in an elegant, bold and vibrant celebration of our Australian optimism.

The creative


Working with the gifted pair of Saskia Havekes from Grandiflora and photographer James Green, we brought this vision to life, artfully pairing each of the seven unique season performances with their own Australian native flower. Each pairing celebrates the joy, creativity and uniqueness of music. Much like the changing of seasons, the work acknowledges how the new year opens up new life, new experiences and new inspiration.

We extended the elegant visual identity across a curation of launch activities: from a season preview video, digital brochure, pull-up banners, right through to fresh print and digital ads. Our design system provided an inspiring and recognisable journey for audiences to engage with the MVA brand. Working with our partners at eFront, we designed a digital experience that brought the idea to life.

The results


Since launching, the campaign has sparked an outstanding number of enquiries and subscription sales – the most successful result MVA has achieved in the last ten years.

Musica Viva’s season preview and launch collateral weren’t simply there to communicate programme details and sell tickets. Together, we opened up Australia to the beauty, elegance and vital role of music in building a more creative world.

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