M Park Vision Centre

Using sight and
sound to create
transformative environments

The challenge


How can we use environment to transform mood, ensuring people leave with an inspiring and memorable experience?

Stockland have undertaken a unique development in Macquarie Park. Adjacent to Sydney’s Lane Cove National Park, a natural playground known for its verdant bushland and birdwatching, the precinct is a commercial business park designed to take advantage of its natural surroundings to benefit community.

Employing internationally renowned architects 3XN, and award-winning local architects Chrofi, they’re bringing world class architecture to this beautiful area 10km from Sydney’s CBD.

The wellbeing of tenants and the wider community of Macquarie Park will benefit from vast green spaces and interactive experiences created by the harmonious use of technology together with nature.

Urbanite, part of Frost*collective, have helped realise this concept with an immersive experience within the M_Park Vision Centre. It is an art installation, exhibition, and leasing experience that brings the M_Park brand and precinct to life.

Our thinking


M_Park is designed around the core principles of collaboration and wellbeing. The precinct reshapes the conventional business park into a highly flexible destination, meaningfully designed to deliver the foundations companies and their teams need to flourish.

In this new era of work and the workplace, they recognise their development needs to provide more than the standard – more than what’s expected – of an office environment. Our campaign strategy is based on this idea of delivering ‘More Than’.

The narrative of the broader M_Park precinct lies in the key people behind the project. Their ideas, convictions and drive to understand what being ‘More Than’ genuinely means have crafted what M_Park is today.

By bringing natural assets inside, a connection between the environment and precinct is immediately established.



Illustrating the depth of thought, knowledge and aspiration invested in the project as a whole and bringing light to the complexity and care taken with the architecture has driven our response.

With this approach, we’ve been able to create an active and immersive experience by expressing the qualities that make this development unique.

From the first touchpoint outside the Vision Centre the natural green environment, brand, detailed architecture and materiality merge. By bringing natural assets inside, a connection between the environment and precinct is immediately established.

Birdsong from local species is used to create a soundscape in the entrance. This magical auditory element puts our primitive selves at ease and is immediately calming. The benefits of biophilic design are well known, but the auditory are not commonly used in design.

Part of the M_Park Vision Centre, the sonic aspect works in harmony with interactive visuals projected onto the sandstone foundations of the structure to create a unique atmosphere that is calming but also ignites the imagination.

The results


People feel truly transported when they enter the space. They feel happier, calmer and clearer of mind. Every touchpoint – from the ambient, to the visual and the tangible — communicates the vision and values of M_Park.

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