AMP Capital
Loftus Lane

Carving out
a niche
for precious
Sydney residences

The challenge


As part of the visionary Quay Quarter project, AMP Capital was developing three boutique residential properties in heart of Circular Quay. In stark contrast to the high-rise, high-density offerings that dominate the market, these properties are low-rise luxury residences.


Nestled in a precious, history-rich part of Circular Quay, we needed to showcase to a high-net worth audience that this development had an unrivalled position and intimate connection to Circular Quay, irrespective of views and glitz.


With three different architects behind the properties (SJB, Silvester Fuller and Studio Bright) the challenge was set to celebrate the distinctness of each property, while also uniting the 106 residences under a common identity.

Our thinking


Far from an ivory tower, these luxury residences will be home to passionate people who want to wander the precinct’s laneways filled with fine-grain retail and culinary experimentation, who love a concert at the Opera House or a run through the Botanic Gardens. Market research showed these are people who don’t want to live in a glitzy showpiece towering over the city – they relish being an active part of the city they love.


Knowing that the true motivation was to secure a private and authentic part of the city, we developed the brand idea ‘My Sydney Niche’. The development offered people the opportunity to secure a particular, very precious corner of the beloved harbour city for themselves – their ‘Sydney niche’.


The name of one of the historic lanes that runs through the precinct – Loftus Lane – was adopted as the development’s name, as not only does it embody how fundamental the laneway culture is to the lifestyle on offer, but all residences physically overlook it. Loftus Lane is the central artery of this unique Sydney niche.


We understood that this never-to-be-repeated opportunity needed to be reflected in exclusive, highly-tailored campaign targeting our high-net-worth audience. We worked closely with the agents, Colliers, to discern the immersive, bespoke touchpoints that would elevate Loftus Lane above its competitor set and drive high-market returns – and fast.



A refined elegance flows through the creative, contrasting with other showy visions of luxury in the market. In line with its unique market position as a residence for people who love Sydney and its many layers, we avoided Sydney cliches, but aimed to showcase deeply personal Sydney moments.


One touchpoint that expertly delivers on this vision is the limited-edition cloth hardcover book of Sydney images captured by local photographer, Saskia Wilson. Titled ‘ Sydney at Home’, Saskia’s atmospheric photography captures the essence of the harbour city, in an refreshing unexpected and intimate way.


In addition to these books, potential buyers received a beautiful Bonsai Fig housed in a bespoke Loftus Lane ceramic base – adding to the narrative of this development being ‘one-of-a-kind’ and unique crafted.


Typifying the pre-sales experience, a display suite was developed to embody the experience of living at Loftus Lane. We carefully curated touchpoints to support customer journey and provide moments of surprise, delight, confidence and reassurance. Overarchingly, buyers spoke of the enveloping calm and purity of aesthetic that the display suite offered – they could imagine what stepping into their prospective residence would feel like.

Giving people who love the real Sydney an intimate and authentic way of living in the city.

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