Jamaica Blue

Standing out in a noisy hospitality market.

Background and challenge


Franchise café company Jamaica Blue (part of FoodCo Group) is a well-known brand with over 130 stores across Australia. In recent years, the hospitality market has seen a rise of independent cafés and restaurants, making it difficult for larger coffee chains such as Jamaica Blue to truly stand out and become a destination of choice.

Along with a difficult economic context driven by a decline of foot traffic in shopping centres and rising rents, Jamaica Blue was challenged with delivering a consistent customer experience standard across a diverse, nationwide franchise network.

The opportunity to regroup and refocus its model through a customer experience lens was critical to regain and improve consistency across all stores.

Our approach


Jamaica Blue came to us with the idea of developing a unique café experience centred around the idea of “me time” for their customers. The challenge was crystallising that idea and bringing it to life in the stores and online, across all the customer touchpoints, in order to ultimately increase sales.

We first had to understand why people choose Jamaica Blue and why they don’t. We spoke to almost 200 people (including customers, non-customers, internal stakeholders, managers, front line staff) across 10 stores and three states to uncover these insights, which then informed our CX strategy.

Jeanne Ogilvie
Customer Experience Lead
Hospitality is an incredibly competitive space, which is why is it critical to create a singular experience that is seamless, consistent and aligned to customers' needs and modes. Ultimately, we want to create a community of loyal customers who choose Jamaica Blue time and time again, because they know they will receive a quality, consistent experience.”

We investigated the multiple behavioural modes of Jamaica Blue customers and contexts, and then mapped out the journeys to highlight the opportunities to delight customers as well as address pain points across the whole Jamaica Blue experience. Bringing the whole of Frost*collective together, we investigated ways to shift perceptions of being a convenient coffee shop to a café to relax and enjoy good food.

Reconnecting the Jamaica Blue brand with its Jamaican origins was also a crucial aspect of the experience – building a story around the idea of escape, refresh and contemporary Jamaica – informed all our recommendations.

Solutions and outputs


We created a customer insights framework based on different behavioural modes and situations. It was also important to establish the differences and cater to the different store formats (kiosk and in-line stores) and to different demographics (regional vs. metro shopping centres). We then developed a customer centric strategy that employees and franchisees could refer to easily and use as a playbook. This would help them understand the value of CX and assist them with practical recommendations to retain loyal customers, grow visitation, and ultimately increase revenue and competitiveness.

The development of a strong brand platform helped inform the experience, the tone and look & feel in a consistent manner and across all touchpoints, including online, in store, service and product (food and drinks).



Melissa Wei
Head of Marketing and Customer Experience
Jamaica Blue
It’s one thing being creative and doing good work, it’s another basing your entire approach on customer experience. That is why working with Frost* has been so refreshing. Unlike other agencies, Frost* not only understands CX inside out, but applies this knowledge to solving pertinent business challenges.”

Our CX strategy contributed to engraining a customer centricity and hospitality culture across the whole network for more consistency in the Jamaica Blue customer experience.

Jamaica Blue has successfully rolled out its new visual and verbal identity across all major touchpoints including menus, crockery, signage, in-store collateral, brand communications, website, app. The Urbanite team has been commissioned to translate the Brand and Customer Experience into the physical environment of the Jamaica Blue stores.

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