Herbal Extract Company

Amplifying an Australian brand to educate and inspire

The challenge


What makes the combination of science and nature so compelling? And in a category dominated by noisy global brands, how can we amplify the voice of six generations of knowledge, and create a brand that speaks to expert practitioners?

The extraordinary Shume family has been nurturing the power of nature since the late 1800s. Henrietta Shume applied her knowledge of herbs to remedy illness, and the Herbal Extract Company legacy was born. Today, the family tradition continues, and we’ve been privileged to help them tell their incredible story, and craft a brand worthy of the remarkable impact they have.

Our thinking


Using design thinking methodology we set out to understand the brand proposition from the outside-in and immersed ourselves in the world of herbalists and practitioners.

Working closely with the team at the Herbal Extract Company we co-created a brand framework that concisely articulates the brand’s ambition, purpose and promise. We defined the brand idea ‘Powerfully Pure’ – this captures an unshakeable commitment to the power of plants and an unwavering focus on the high quality of the products. We brought this to life across the whole suite of brand applications and products.

In rebranding the Shume family’s multi-generational business, we knew we needed to help them better tell their incredible story.

The creative


Every touchpoint was considered. Designed to evoke the ‘Powerfully Pure’ concept, a carefully crafted logo, packaging, digital, information design, photography and social were all considered and aligned.

The new brand marque speaks to the purity of the extraction process and removes unnecessary embellishment – it is confident, clear and contemporary and brings the idea of ‘Powerfully Pure’ to life.

The new brand marque removes unnecessary embellishment – it is confident, clear and contemporary – aligning it more closely with conventional medicines.



With this renewed purpose and new look, the Herbal Extract Company is set up to continue its purpose to, ‘cultivate love for the healing power of nature’. The new holistic brand identity system is already empowering the team to tell their brand story loudly and proudly.

The new brand is relevant and compelling, it challenges and excites. The packaging is bright and responses from the community tell us the brand is more knowledgeable and supportive than ever. It stands out and tells the story of a truly inspiring product befitting of this remarkable Australian brand.

Pia Larsen
Marketing Manager
Herbal Extract Company
Working with Frost* has been fantastic as they are true strategic partners. The brand redesign has been a huge change for us, however their creativity and original ideas helped us reframe and refresh our whole brand experience. They genuinely understand us and our commitment to our practitioner community whilst respecting our family history and heritage. We always felt we were in good hands because Frost* gained insights from our practitioner community, our sales team and website users, which is at the heart of their brilliant work.

Sales uplift from our direct and wholesaler/distributor customers January and February 2022 Vs LY is 10%. We’ve also experienced a 225% sales increase in our new herbal dispensary starter kit when a practitioner wants to buy our brand for the first time which is a phenomenal result. ”

Photographer – Sam Venn Photography

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