Go Neutral

Helping Australia
make carbon

The background


Even for people who want to act on climate change, it’s hard to know what to do and how to really make a difference. Climate change feels overwhelming, with bad things happening and no quick way to stop them and the reality is that most people are left feeling guilty and frustrated, with a large carbon footprint. Even carbon offsetting is complicated: what’s worth doing and why?

Go Neutral is an Australian start up on a mission to make it easy for everyone to take meaningful climate action. With close to 20 million cars in Australia, if every car driver went carbon neutral by buying carbon offsets, Australia’s national emissions would be reduced by almost 10%. That’s the same as shutting down around four coal-fired power plants. And it’s something that we can all do, right now.

Our thinking


Starting with cars, Go Neutral’s goal is to start a movement that shows that acting on climate change is easy, possible and feels good. In just a few clicks and for under $100, you can offset your car by supporting emissions reductions projects across Australia. As it launches to market, it needed a visual and verbal identity that captured Go Neutral’s purpose of inspiring ordinary actions that make extraordinary change.

Our strategic approach positions Go Neutral as ‘Action Instigators’ – your partner in taking action, making climate action doable for everyone. In the complex world of carbon offsetting and the poor customer experiences of existing offsetting services, it was crucial that we set Go Neutral apart with clear messaging and digital design, and an unexpected and impactful visual identity.



In a world of green, why be green? We designed a simple and impactful identity, energised by the bold colour palette and typography. The playful flipped logo symbolises that Go Neutral is turning carbon emissions on its head, while the black, red and white palette cuts through the noise and speaks to a sense of urgency, heightened by mobilising language – a rallying cry to our collective power.

In a sea of brands all seeking to position themselves as sustainability champions, the brand experience – from values and language to photography style and user experience – reflects Go Neutral’s unwavering commitment to inspiring ordinary actions that make extraordinary change.



As a small start-up, it was essential that our solution was simple, bold and memorable, both for ease of rollout and impact in the market. We’re proud to help bring the brand the attention it deserves and to report that 65% of Frost*collective is now proudly neutral.

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