Generis Collective

Experience first: Transforming the generic into Generis

The Challenge


LOC Associates is not your everyday company. They create one-off experiences that genuinely wow guests. Like the largest doors in any retail store in the world, measuring 30 feet high and weighing in a 2000 pounds each.

“If you can dream it, we can deliver it” is the catch cry of founder, Bob Laughrea, who started his career with Disney and worked alongside Steve Jobs himself to create the first Apple stores in the early 2000s. When Bob tried to retire in 2015, he was talked out of it by his colleagues, founding “LOC Associates” – a business that’s grown into a sizeable team across the US with tier one clients such as Apple, Warby Parker, Tesla, and many more.

Six years into the story, LOC had a problem — their brand didn’t match the company magic. It was lacklustre and did little to explain their inimitable creative approach.

Our thinking


Enter Frost* Place, and a very special relationship that developed during the peak of the 2020 COVID global lockdown. Despite the distance and difference in time zones, both companies recognised a kindred spirit, and a genuine friendship arose.

We started with the storytelling, developing the brand idea of “Experience First” to embody the company philosophy and importance of their track record. A new narrative and tone of voice unpacked their unique company methodology, skills, and case studies.

Their new name – Generis Collective – is based on the Latin phrase “Sui Generis” meaning “of its own kind”. It emphasises Generis’ ability to set experiences apart, as well as being big on experience themselves. Collective represents the breadth of talented partners they work with to execute their clients’ visions.

The creative


Generis is all about making impossible possible. So, our creative idea is based on “impossible objects” – optical illusions that bend and shift perspectives. The distinctive objects speak to Generis’ ability to think outside the box to make things happen. The new brand shows the imagination and creativity that typifies Generis’ approach. The crisp, modern aesthetic aligns to the calibre of their clientele, and was rolled out across a new website, credentials, company livery and more. To truly get behind the success of the re-brand we set out a launch plan and helped the company hire a new marketing manager.



The new brand has been invaluable as Generis navigates the post-COVID retail world. It has helped them to pivot into new growth categories such as healthcare. The statistics speak for themselves – a 200% increase in web traffic and a 700% increase in LinkedIn followers. The response from customers has been overwhelmingly positive. “The new brand better represents our creative approach, forward-looking experiential design and the magnitude of the end-to-end services that we offer clients in the retail, healthcare, hospitality and the themed entertainment space,” says CEO and founder Bob Laughrea.

Bob Laughrea
Generis Collective
We've had the honour of working with innumerable talented creatives through our work with industry leaders like Disney and Apple, and the Frost* Place experience was just as illuminating. The process was enjoyable, informative, and enlightening — overall, a wonderful experience.”
Catriona Burgess
Head of Frost* Place
Over many late-night Zoom calls, we forged a partnership that not only resulted in a powerful new brand, but also gave both companies solace when the world was spinning out of control. It speaks to the power of creativity to unite people across distance and place, and the gift we will seek to give through our work in forging success in even the most uncertain of times.”
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