Beckon Capital

Challenging the investment category for good

The background


Beckon Capital is challenging the investment category to nurture a better planet, helping investors and SMEs unleash the power of capital for good. But in a complex industry with little to distinguish one brand from the next, Beckon struggled to stand out and articulate their unique difference.

With an ambitious growth pipeline at stake, Beckon needed a distinct brand identity to attract like-minded people and empower them, through a unified brand experience, to make the most impact with their money.

Our thinking


Together through co-creation sessions, client interviews and workshops, we developed a guiding strategy to unlock the brilliance of Beckon: “Igniting Potential”.

Enterprise, developer or investor — all have the potential to develop win-win relationships with their community and the environment. Beckon’s unique approach brings these people together to ignite their collective potential, creating partnerships that help enterprises grow while mobilising capital to generate returns with a positive impact for all.

The work


We re-named Nexus Initiative to Beckon Capital — active, action-oriented, and a little left of field. Used as a verb, the new name helps ‘beckon’ those looking to ignite their business idea or investment potential.

The bold new identity takes an intelligently playful form that garners both trust and approachability. Paired with a unified brand experience, the brand attracts like-minded stakeholders and sets Beckon apart as the fresh-thinking outlier in the industry.

Mobilising capital… with legs.

With the help of illustrator Bel Giles, we brought each character to life in a series of quirky animations. Together across the new website, social media and corporate collateral, the Beckon characters help guide people on what is often a daunting and complex capital journey, adding a welcome touch of human warmth to the brand experience.

Sparkling with the same charm as its visual identity, Beckon’s new brand voice is bold, knowledgeable, practical, driven and dynamically human. The use of collective nouns invites inclusivity, while language is refreshingly simple and informative to help investors take the next step with confidence.

The result


The new brand is a thoughtful and strategic repositioning of Beckon’s value, helping to attract and empower people to make a positive impact with their capital – for their business, their community and the planet. For good.

Linda Gregoriou
Property & Built Environment
Beckon Capital
Thank you all for producing a fabulous result. It’s way beyond our expectations and certainly fulfils our brief. We appreciate your patience, good humour, resilience and professionalism”
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