Australian Computer Society

Reflecting a
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The Challenge


As the Professional Association and peak body representing Australia’s ICT (Information and communication technology) sector, the Australian Computer Society’s (ACS) mission is to deliver authoritative independent knowledge and insight into technology, build relevant technology capacity and capability in Australia and to be a catalyst for innovative creation and adoption of technology for the benefit of commerce, governments and society.

ACS was relocating into a purpose-designed workspace by WMK Architecture at Barangaroo, which reflected its forward-thinking culture and brand values of Capacity, Capability and Catalyst.

Urbanite was engaged to further bring the space to life with signage and graphics that reflect the ACS’ values, technology and services.

Our thinking


The space aims to promote knowledge-sharing via co-working environments featuring breakout spaces and an interactive hub containing a state-of-the-art interactive screen. The signage and wayfinding objectives were to reflect the ACS values through a subtle method which both integrates within the interior finishes and also highlights the core function of ACS; technology and data.

In addition, the signage and wayfinding needed to induct staff into the space and explain new space functions as several areas – and their purposes – were new to staff.

The architectural proposal aims to create a strong community feel via the promotion of user interaction. The destination acts as an activity hub, providing positive experiences to ensure it’s a welcoming and comfortable place where people want to be. The design narrative aims to strengthen the objectives and core principles of the Australian Computer Society.



Urbanite’s design language and output speaks to the canons of technology with the underlying theme of Binary Code and the human scale. All the graphics in the space use binary code to accurately translate and describe the ACS values and principles.

Specifically, this binary is positioned in a grid format throughout the space, nestled between timber battens and carrying over to multiple surfaces such as walls and glazing. In the spaces we wanted to bring to life, the binary graphics are super-scaled and injected with colour that ties to the interior palette. Capitalising on unique viewpoints between entry ways and locker areas, the graphic frame key brand messaging drive home the importance of the ACS core values to staff. Here, pictograms and signage across the space draw upon this binary language where pictograms for key spaces are created from the 1 and 0 language to elegantly express the use of spaces to staff.



The new hub is part of ACS’ core mission of empowering Australian innovation and incorporates resources for technology professionals to demonstrate new products, crowdsource new ideas and engage in collaboration.

Andrew Johnson
We are focussed on supporting the development of new high-growth Australian tech products. The hub allows software products to be demonstrated to a broad audience, gaining important insights to reimagine the customer experience and iterate throughout the development process.”


Merit – 2019 AGDA Awards
Category: Spatial – Wayfinding/Signage & Environmental Graphics


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