AMP Capital
Macquarie Centre

Making bricks-and-mortar into magic

The background


To compete in today’s retail world, the experience of shopping in person has to be more worthwhile, more enjoyable, than going online. As new behaviours emerge in response to technology, the role of bricks-and-mortar retail is in question, as are its chances of survival.

Macquarie Centre, managed by AMP Capital, offers one of the widest combinations of shopping and entertainment choices in Sydney. We identified an opportunity to reposition the centre’s brand as a must-visit destination packed with unique experiences, recapturing the ‘magic’ of retail.

Our thinking


Our creative idea—Make Magic—provided a rich communication platform. We built a brand story around magical moments, both big and small. The magic of finding your feet on the ice, the magic of finding that dress on sale, the magic of valet parking in a rush. We invite customers to discover new experiences and make their own magic—whatever the occasion.

The creative


From this platform came a vibrant new visual system. Informed by the centre’s existing brand mark and architecture, the confetti-like ‘Magic Dot’ serves as a visual form of magic—dynamic, flexible and expressive. Seasonal colour palettes, bold art direction and a responsive grid system amplified the idea, while also unifying various levels of brand communication.

The result


The magic of Christmas at Macquarie Centre served as a perfect launch for the new brand. An imaginative campaign spanning outdoor, online, social, radio and in-centre showcased a retail experience unlike anything in Sydney.

Or, for that matter, online.

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