Standing Out In A Noisy Hospitality Market

Jamaica Blue Customer Experience

 Standing Out In A Noisy Hospitality Market
 Standing Out In A Noisy Hospitality Market
Café Franchise Jamaica Blue approached us to design a seamless hospitality experience from top-to-bottom. The challenge was that the experience needed to work not only for a diverse set of people and modalities, but also across the entire network of 126 stores Australia wide.

Working closely with Jamaica Blue, Frost*collective developed the Customer Experience and Brand Strategy in parallel. Aligning Jamaica Blue's business and brand objectives to what drives their customers behaviours was essential when designing the experience across all touchpoints, including brand, comms, product, environment, service and digital. 
"Hospitality is an incredibly competitive space, which is why is it critical to create a singular experience that is seamless, consistent and aligned to customers' needs and modes. Ultimately, we want to create a community of loyal customers who choose Jamaica Blue time and time again, because they know they will receive a quality, consistent experience." said Jeanne Ogilvie, Customer Experience Strategist, NEST. 


— Hospitality/Retail

Sites Visited

— 10 stores across VIC, NSW, QLD

Number of People Consulted

— 114 on-site customer intercepts 
— 58 off-site intercept interviews 
— 11 staff/manager/owner interviews

Duration of project

—10 weeks

It’s one thing being creative and do good work; it’s another basing your entire approach on customer experience. That is why working with Frost* has been so refreshing. Unlike other agencies, Frost* not only understands CX inside out, but applies this knowledge in solving pertinent business challenges.

Our partnership has produced the blueprint for educating the wider business on what brand experience means for us and how it comes to life in store. I could not recommend working with the team at Frost* more highly.

Melissa Wei
Marketing & Customer Experience Manager
Jamaica Blue

What is Experience Design?

Customer Experience (CX) encompasses all the interactions and perceptions between a customer and your brand.

Successful brands and organisations have refocused their energy and resources towards their customers in order to deliver an experience better aligned with their needs and context.

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