Power to
the People

Commonwealth Bank of Australia 

 Power to the people

How might we shape a leading bank’s Enterprise Services experience so that their people are supported and inspired to excel in their work?

CBA’s Enterprise Services (ES) Group, made up of 6,500 Operations and Technology experts, recognised it needed to provide a more compelling employee experience if it was to continue to attract and retain top talent. They approached Pivot to help clarify their social contract and promise to their people and develop significant ideas to make this promise come to life.
We undertook research across a broad sample of ES’s employees to understand their needs and desires in more depth. We synthesised this data into six Personas, each defined by what was most meaningful to them (as opposed to their demographic features, roles, or specialties).
We also use our data to develop a concise Employee Promise and Principles that were used, in conjunction with the Personas, to crowdsource 185 ideas. These were then refined into 13 big ideas and three voted “game changers” that would validate the Promise. The Promise, Principles, and Personas continue to be used by ES within the bank.

The Challenge
Support and inspire current talent and attract new top talent by offering a more compelling Enterprise Services employee experience.

The Outcome
We identified six core Personas and co-created a concise Enterprise Services Employee Promise and Principles, ensuring that these would come to life through new ideas to improve the current employee experience.

Pivot exceeded our expectations – brought expertise to help shape our strategic direction. Creating solutions and co-creation enabled engagement and buy-in.

Gill Rees
EGM of Human Resources