Making a Splash
 Making a Splash

Making a splash


Jack has developed an eye-catching new brand identity and packaging for Nexba, the award-winning naturally sugar free Australian soft drink brand, helping them launch a new range into Woolworths, secure new listings and deliver a 20% uplift on sales targets.

The brand, which includes soft drinks, ice teas and sparkling infusions, came to Jack wanting a solution to address a lack of traction in market. “We knew our unique point of view, but we couldn’t get the packaging to say it,” says Nexba’s Commercial Director Steve Smyth.
 Making a Splash

The back story

The Nexba story began on a Mexican beach when young Aussie Drew Bilbe was inspired to create a natural low-calorie ice tea based on the home-made ice tea he was drinking on holiday. On returning to Sydney, Drew began working with fellow entrepreneur Troy Douglas to create a range of healthy drinks.

Well ahead of the low sugar movement, the range began with naturally sugar free ice teas and sparkling infusions. The next big idea was to launch a sparkling waters range, still naturally sugar free, but full of flavour and more exciting than existing 'hint of' style waters.
 Making a Splash
 Making a Splash

A natural refresh

The new range was an opportunity to refresh the brand. Having grown quickly and organically over the past two years, the Nexba packaging design was disjointed and lacked consistency. Nexba needed an evolved identity and packaging that would attract first-time buyers in the crowded drinks category, while highlighting the naturally sugar free benefits of the products.

“We had made design decisions based on gut in the past, and we didn’t want to make that mistake again,” says Drew Bilbe, Nexba co-founder and CEO. “This time, we needed wow factor.”


In a very short time frame the rebrand has increased the stakes for Nexba.

“People are now buying into the sugar-free messaging faster than ever before,” says Bilbe. “The Jack team did a great job. Sales are exceeding our expectations and we’re performing well against our biggest comparable competitor in Woolworths, even though they’ve spent a substantial amount on marketing.”
 Making a Splash
 Making a Splash

“The aim is to make Nexba and the naturally sugar free proposition jump off the pack, and be playful, in line with the Aussie boys' fun and irreverent personalities. The drinks category is polarised by being either hyper and over polished, or traditional and boring. We have created our own space.”

Lisa Mathews,
Head of Jack,
part of the Frost*collective.