(Re)Design Your Life podcast series launches

April 2nd 2020

Vince Frost talks to friends, experts and industry leaders to chronicle and share COVID-19 insights and experiences in a special podcast series.

A re-design is being forced on the world. We are living in extremely uncertain times, with many of us not knowing what’s coming next or even how we should respond to the now. Although this is extremely stressful for all of us, perhaps there are ways we can combat and alleviate the worry? Perhaps our reflections and actions today could see us emerge into a brighter tomorrow?

In his (Re)Design Your Life podcast – a special series recorded during the COVID-19 crisis – Vince Frost turns to friends, associates, scientists, psychologists, wellness experts and fellow creatives across the globe to gather different perspectives on these strange times. Guests describe their situations, approaches and coping mechanisms, and share stories about what they’ve learned from others and what they think the future holds.

The first guest of the (Re)Design Your Life series is the amazing Penny Locaso owner of Penny is the world’s first happiness hacker on a mission to teach 10million humans by 2025 how to intentionally adapt in order to future proof happiness. The pair discuss the how to overcome many of the anxieties enduced but the current epedmic and how to remain happy. 

Certainly, the world will be a different place after COVID-19. As an eternal optimist, Vince asks: “Is it possible that in these moments we could redesign our lives, and the world, for the better?”

Upcoming guests include Dr Jodie Lowinger, Sarah Wilson and designer Jonathan Ellery.

You can listen to the first epsiode here or on podcast streaming service.