Meet Umbrellium!

May 8th 2019

Frost*collective has recently signed an exclusive partnership with London-based urban technologists Umbrellium.

“We are interested in ‘engaging cities’, rather than purely ‘smart cities’, ones that get people meaningfully involved with each other and the spaces around them. A lot of our work is about the opportunity to move the conversation around technology and cities from one – that up until now – has been about smart cities, focusing on efficiency and intelligence, to one that is more about how technology can make spaces more engaging, more momentous and getting people to actively participate in creating the spaces and cities that they live in.” – Usman Haque, Umbrellium Founding Partner and Creative Director.

We are thrilled to announce that Frost*collective has entered into an exclusive partnership across Australia and New Zealand with Umbrellium to offer our clients the best-in-class, world-leading talent in urban development thought leadership and technologies.

As an organisation of architects, designers, tactical urbanists and creative technologists, Umbrellium work throughout the world with communities, organisations, urban developments and city councils to develop urban technology projects and products, which you can browse through here.

Their proven methodology gets people involved in design activities, decision-making and defining project goals. Our aim is for participants to develop a shared sense of technological enfranchisement and ownership in civic outcomes. “When people act together, they are more effective,” says Usman.

"Umbrellium are at the forefront of smart developments. We have recently worked with them on a major urban renewal project in Western Sydney. The synergy of thinking and approach has led to an exciting partnership. Together, we will get citizens and businesses excited and demonstrate impact in the future of urbanisation." – Doug Chapman, Head of Nest. 

To find out more about what this partnership could mean for you and your projects, or to arrange a chat with Usman during his upcoming tour of Australia, please contact Doug Chapman at



Image credit ©Direct Line