November 14th 2017

The universe inside contemporary artist Anthony Lister’s mind is dynamic, colourful and full of contradictions. It’s a place to behold.

Last night at deFrost* #50 we experienced this world first hand, as Lister ‘sculpted’ a cosmos before our eyes using Tilt Brush virtual reality 3D painting technology projected onto a large screen in real time in an event titled, ‘Virtual Canvas of the Inside Mind’.

Glittering planets, an otherworldly city, and the dynamic figures he is known for, came to life before our eyes as the artist “scribbled” and spoke as he explored the tool. The installation was backed by a live string duet and the artist responded to a diverse range of questions from the audience while he worked.

“Tilt Brush is absolutely the future of technology when it comes to a visual aid. I’m looking forward to getting one for my studio,” says the artist.

“This was an immersive event designed to encourage people to participate in the growing wave of VR that’s hitting the market. It was designed to be inclusive and participatory,” says Martin Hoegh-Guldberg, Head of Experiential at Nest:VR. 

In addition to the Lister VR experience there was an interactive 360-degree drone artwork, a Lister AR experience and four VR stations.

“Nest:VR [SC1] is working on a whole range of projects in virtual reality and augmented reality. We’re testing the boundaries of this emerging technology from an education, training and entertainment point of view.

“VR is allowing everyone from artists to business owners and property developers to extend how they engage an audience in their vision. It’s about visualising, virtualising and encouraging participation and engagement in that vision. Rather than selling an idea from illustrations on paper or a screen, the audience can enter the world of the idea and explore it from the inside out,” continues Hoegh-Guldberg.

 Thanks to an incredible in-house team along with the generosity of sponsor Adobe in partnership with Nest:VR and Entropico and beer provided by Young Henry’s, Lister inspired and highlighted the extraordinary potential of VR.

“Anthony’s freeness and ability to create objects in a virtual environment is ideally suited to this particular experience. It’s essentially a 3D spray-painting environment. What he can create is undeniably impressive,” says Hoegh-Guldberg.

Frost*collective’s deFrost* has contributed to Sydney’s cultural scene since 2012. At this special 50th event, Lister immersed his audience in what he calls, “adventure painting”.

“It’s been great to see this concept grow over five years into an event attended by a few hundred people,” says Vince Frost, “but what’s more important is the way our Frost*collective team have embraced it, and take great pride in giving back to our community. We really want to do it because it’s fun and exciting, and it gives insights into high-achieving creatives’ worlds. It also helps us as an organisation understand people better. We’re stimulated by their lives, their creativity, and their challenges.”

Lister is known as an adventure painter and disruptor, reimagining stencil and street artwork with his freestyle colour explosions, inventive practices and controversial art pieces.

“The only difference between a magician and an adventure painter is that a painter doesn’t do tricks. Magicians do illusions, I don’t. My work is a constant discovery and to integrate Tilt Brush into the concept of being an adventure painter takes it to the next level. It’s sculpture meets painting meets 3D and it’s very exciting,” says Lister.

Stay tuned for DeFrost* #51, Emerging Business Models in Property, where we will see three industry trailblazers shed light on the transforming future of the property market.

[SC1]Do we have a convention for how we write the name of Nest:VR? It seems to be NestVR in other copy?