Emerging Business Models in Property

November 30th 2017

“We’ve lost the community, which is really so important for us. As humans, as animals. That’s the way we’re supposed to be,” Vince Frost.

Ideas around human centred design, operations of place, citizens’ response, big data and identity of place were all brought to life in the revealing discussion at DeFrost* Talk #51.

Has technology moved us too far from what makes us happy? Is it OK not to own your own house? Is there a dimension we’re missing?

Watch the experts — Australia by Design host, Tim Horton, Urban Apostles founder and Nightingale Housing advisor, Jason Twill, and Superspace Global Leader, Christian Derix — shed light on our transforming future. Learn how we’re realising that it’s not what buildings look like that matters and why ‘build to rent’ won’t work, by watching the full discussion here.