E019 – Anthia Koullouros, Founder & CEO of Ovvio Organics, with Vince Frost

June 28th 2019

E019 features Vince Frost in conversation with Naturopath, Herbalist, Author, Educator and Founder & CEO of Ovvio Organics, Anthia Koullouros.

Design Your Life podcast E019 with Vince Frost in conversation with Anthia Koullouros, Naturopath, Herbalist, Author, Educator and Founder & CEO of Ovvio Organics.

Anthia began her pathway to Naturopathy as a 12-year-old child when she discovered the book How To Get Well, written by Paavo Airola in 1971. Growing up in a strictly clean-eating Greek household, she spent her youth mixing herbs and potions to cure all sorts of common ailments for her family and friends.

After studying architecture for 9 months at university, Anthia made the switch to Naturopathy after meeting an influential family friend who practiced the therapy, and at the age of 22, she launched her own practice. Today, Anthia Koullouros is the founder & CEO of Ovvio Organics, a naturopath, herbalist, author and educator, determined to make good health simple. Using hand-blended, certified organic teas and tisanes, liquid herbal tonics and elixirs and refreshingly honest nutrition advice, Anthia has helped clients become well and happy for over 24 years.

In this episode, Anthia explains how she feels like she was “born into the job” of natural therapy. She recounts her personal journey of learning how to “not let fear run the race” and to trust yourself when running a business. Anthia reveals her secrets for living well, where she discovered that: you have to work on yourself as much as your business, that you need to become comfortable with the uncomfortable parts of life, and advocates a slow-living approach where we are not controlled by our reactive impulses to fear.

Join Vince for the latest Design Your Life episode with Anthia Koullouros.