Designing Sustainable Tourism with Dave Budge

November 27th 2019

E025 features Vince Frost in conversation with Jaunt Motors co-founder and CEO, Dave Budge.

In episode 25 of the Design Your Life Podcast we speak to Dave Budge co-founder and CEO of Jaunt Motors a car share business which up-cycles iconic 4WDS into electric vehicles allowing people to explore the beautiful and remote corners of Australia without costing the environment.

The compelling discussion unravels Dave’s much needed departure from the corporate world and how he came to establish the Jaunt brand which combines his love for land rovers, his concern for the environment and his enate ability to ‘hype people up about a product’.

Vince and Dave explore the importance of electric vehicles being design led, the value of creating relationships with the individuals and community which support you and ultimately what the future holds for Jaunt and the electric car share industry.

Listen here!

Stay tuned for the next episode featuring design guru Bruce Duckworth!