Design Your Life podcast Episode 011 with the Douglas Brothers

December 20th 2018

Episode 011 features Vince Frost in conversation with British photographer/director siblings Andrew and Stuart Douglas.

Andrew and Stuart Douglas are renowned creatives, known primarily for their rebellious approach to photography and film direction. Having grown up in Southend Essex and later, London, the pair’s legacy began in the midst of the London punk movement, where they used their “incorrect” style to snap some of the world’s most iconic figures during their youth, including Richard Gere, Morrissey, Timothy Roth and Tilda Swinton. Since then, their work has evolved and continued to disrupt the creative and commercial worlds alike, with their left-of-centre work for Adidas, Coco Cola and Hollywood feature-length films.
In this episode, Andrew and Stuart share their personal and professional stories – which are often one in the same. They recount their origins, moving from stills to videos, how working with your brother can simultaneously result in your best work and decade-long feuds, and ultimately how they “find wellness while keeping the hamster-wheel going.”

Join Vince for the latest Design Your Life Episode with the Douglas Brothers.