Design Your Life podcast Episode 009 with James Victore

September 26th 2018

Episode 009 features world-renowned creative coach, director, artist and provocative designer, James Victore.

James Victore is an American art director, designer, and author. He is first-and-foremost an artist who “teaches creativity and personal growth,” says the man himself. Victore's work has been exhibited in the wildly prestigious Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) as well as the Louvre in Paris. He has won numerous awards and accolades for his racy unique social and political commentary posters as well as television directorials (including an Emmy), and has even published a tell-all monograph titled, Who Died and Made You Boss? Featuring not just his highly sought-after work, but the ideas and thinking that drive it.

In this episode you’ll discover James’s seismic life shift, transitioning from his career as a designer to a creative and personal growth teacher. Here, James dissects the finer points of his life as an artistic educator, and his – at times – tumultuous journey to rediscovering his passion and creative purpose without “shoving his ‘weird’ in a draw”.

Stay tuned for Episode 009 featuring artist and designer James Victore.


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