Design Your Life ® Podcast 6 with Dr. Jodie Lowinger

July 25th 2018

Episode 006 features mind strength expert and clinical psychologist Dr Jodie Lowinger.

Dr Jodie Lowinger is a clinical and corporate psychologist, business coach and speaker on topics of mental strength and anxiety. She helps everyone from CEOs to adolescents and children reduce anxiety while building resilience. For large organisations, this means developing mental strength, agility and resilience to enable peak performance in leaders and teams.  

In this episode you’ll discover how a personal tragedy helped steer her path to working one on one with people, the unique way creative people face anxiety, and why she thinks a major issue we all have to deal with is, “we’re wired to be anxious, and longing to survive”. 

Stay tuned for Episode 007 featuring the unparalleled adman with a career spanning over 30 years, David Nobay.

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