deFrost #56 Sustainability - It's Time for Action

February 19th 2020

Sustainability has become, and will continue to be, the most pressing issue of our time. How and when its implemented will drastically shape our future, for better or for worse.

We’re hearing a lot of talk, but who’s setting the course for positive action? Brands are stepping up to the challenge and leading the way where governments are falling short.

Frost*collective believes brand strategy and design plays a pivotal role in overcoming the environmental and social challenges we face in our world today. We’re about designing a better world.

Frost Design, the collective’s brand strategy and design specialists recognise the need to lead our industry and help brands strategically navigate and integrate sustainability. 

deFrost #56 will be an insightful evening to showcase next generation sustainable thinking for anyone involved in brand development & strategy, design communication and packaging innovation. We’ll explore how brands and the creative industry are leading the charge for a sustainable future. Guest speakers from a cross section of industries will discuss their sustainability achievements, followed by a forum and Q&A led by Vince Frost.

Join us for a fascinating evening and be inspired to turn sustainability thinking into action.

Book your tickets by Tuesday 10 March to reserve your place. Spots are limited!