deFrost #55 Video Live

December 11th 2019

Three weeks ago, we hosted Usman Haque as part of his Australian roadshow.

Usman is the founding partner of Umbrellium, an architecture and design company that builds urban technologies that support citizen empowerment and engagement. 

The insightful talk unpacked many thought-provoking ideas revolving around technologies growth and current impact on how me interact with each other and our surroundings. Usman also touched on the need for government and companies to effectively utilise the technology we have to not only benefit our current population but establish a framework for the future.

‘Underpinning this all is this idea that technology is not just a thing. It's not just, you know, an object. It's not just this physical thing. It's a set of processes that are very explicitly socio-political’ – Usman Haque

The evening also played host to our new head of Frost Place Cat Burgess and Urbanite head Carlo Gianasca, who alongside Usman formed a panel to discuss their own thoughts and ideas around technology, urban development and place creation.

You can now view the full video of Usman’s talk on our de-frost page which can be accessed here!