de_Frost #59 - Redefining development with Nectar Efkarpidis - Live Webinar

July 22nd 2020

“Good design moves us. It connects our body to our brain and links us to other people. It allows us to inhabit space and make it our own.” - Nectar Efkarpidis

Nectar isn’t your typical property developer. Captivated by storytelling, he blurs the lines between who we are, how we work and the spaces we inhabit, seeing buildings and developments as vessels for “ongoing cultural creation, pluralism and life force”.

Director of Molonglo and co-founder alongside his brother Jonathon of Canberra’s Hotel Hotel, Nectar has always has a passion for hotels and public places due to their transience and ability to connect people and ideas. No matter what he creates his endeavours are rooted in cross-disciplinary collaboration; both messy and fluid; and above all, iterative.

Molonglo projects attempt in earnest to link practice with theory and theory with practice in order to create places with more-than commercial intent.  

According to Nectar, it’s only by fuzzing the lines and accepting messy arrangements – whether they be political, social or aesthetic – that we can foster healthy, cohesive and tolerant societies.

Join Vince, Maria and Nectar as they talk about their shared passion for storytelling, the importance of making places that matter and what the communities of the future might look and feel like.

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