de_Frost* #57 - Re_Designing Our Sense of Place - Live Webinar

May 12th 2020

de_Frost* first live webinar talks to Monocle editor Andrew Tuck about re-designing our sense of place.

Drawing on Andrew’s expertise at the cutting edge of cities and how they’re responding to the pandemic, the Frost team has put together ten big juicy questions for Andrew, as well as asking the public for the big questions on their mind. Listeners can send questions and the most interesting ones will be asked during the event.

Vince Frost says, “I’ve always enjoyed the intimacy of our studio talks, but with this new reality comes the chance to embrace technology and reach new audiences. de_Frost* is all about ideas and if we can give those ideas a platform and encourage participation and exchange, then we see the potential they have to transform the way we live and the kind of world we live in.”

From whether the design of our cities will change, to why design matters more than ever, the webinar is essential viewing for developers, retailers and anyone who is interested in how our approach to cities and the places we occupy within them are changing due to the global pandemic.

Join this special webinar here – and thaw your mind with one of the world’s most influential editors on Thursday 14th May, 6pm Sydney / 9am London.