Carlo Giannasca headlines The Foundry Live

November 29th 2018

In search of a better life

Last week, our head of Urbanite and Frost*collective partner, Carlo Giannasca spoke at this year’s Foundry Live – a Tassie-based conference allowing our creatives access to dozens of leading industry figures. This is a space that not only gives them a taste of what it’s like to be a working creative, but also learning how they got to the top of their game.

For Carlo, this all began as the child of two Italian immigrants in the 1960s, who encouraged Carlo to lean into his creative abilities – even if it meant drawing on the walls of their home. “It still astonishes me that they had the courage to leave their homeland with little more than the clothes on their back and a suitcase to go to a country where they knew no one and couldn’t speak the language.”

After graduating from Sydney College of the Arts (now a faculty within the University of Technology Sydney), Carlo quickly discovered that his design approach was “less about what we are designing and more about who we are designing for,” says Carlo, as was clear in his final year major project for SCA; an advertising campaign designed to dispel the misconceptions of AIDS – a huge issue in the 1980s.

This attitude is what has continued to really fuel Carlo throughout his career, first at boutique advertising agency Davis Madden, then Emery Vincent Design, Emery Frost, Frost* Design and now, Frost*collective.

As head of the Frost*collective’s environment-focused brand Urbanite (established in 2014), Carlo has been able to continue his love for wayfinding and environmental graphics to “better understand people and their relationships with their surroundings so that our experiences can be enriched and enhanced,” he notes.

Through a series of cornerstone projects and clients, Carlo identifies his personalised approach to delivering on the (sometimes conflicting) needs of many people within a single space, and why the certainty of uncertainty is how we as an industry should embrace the future.

Watch Carlo’s presentation in full here