Rethinking The Modern Museum Experience


 Rethinking The Modern Museum Experience
 Rethinking The Modern Museum Experience
To stay competitive, museums across the globe are in an exciting period of transition, moving toward delivering a more dynamic and engaging experience for an eclectic set of people.

Frost*collective was engaged to develop a strategy for delivering a completely re-imagined, world-class journey that satisfies visitor’s needs, hopes and expectations. With a thoughtful ecosystem of wayfinding, service implications and multi-platform information layers, the Australian Museum caters to the different needs of its visitors and creates more obvious opportunities to return and experience the different offers of the institution. 

 “To attract more people, encourage return visitors and create a more engaging, immersive experience, we had to change the perception of the museum. These institutions are not just about reading plaques but more about engaging with the content, sharing experiences together as a family, and so on.” 

Jeanne Ogilvie
customer experience strategist


— Civic

Sites Visited

— Australian Museum and other NSW-based museums

Number of People Consulted

— 4 days of visitor-behaviour observation
— 125 onsite intercept interviews 
— 7 focus groups
— 6 Interviews with museum academics/tour organisers (English and non-English)

Duration of project

—11 weeks

What is Experience Design?

Customer Experience (CX) encompasses all the interactions and perceptions between a customer and your brand.

Successful brands and organisations have refocused their energy and resources towards their customers in order to deliver an experience better aligned with their needs and context.

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