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Strandbags Customer Experience

 Inspiring shopping
 Inspiring shopping
The retail environment has been challenging in recent years. Like other retailers, Strandbags is aware that the formula that has proven successful so far now requires a refresh and a renewal to deliver success in the future.
As part of a three-year strategic plan, Strandbags engaged Frost*collective’s NEST team to investigate their current customer experience and develop a strategy for delivering a best-in-class retail encounter that satisfies new customers’ needs, hopes and expectations, without alienating existing loyal customers.
Prioritising a customer-centric perspective and approach will make shopping at Strandbags more rewarding for current customers, attract and consolidate new shoppers with high experience and value standards, and ultimately lead to revenue growth and a stronger business.
Here, the Customer Experience team were able to design and develop a CX strategy to address the opportunities, as well as provide support of the execution of the  three-year strategic plan and its initiatives.
To help elevate the in-store experience, we came up with recommendations and solutions to help customers better navigate the offer and make it a clearer and more appealing sensory experience. Online, the objective was to enrich the digital experience by getting the basics of e-commerce right, boosting the brand’s presence on social media, and crafting more effective marketing communications. We thought about how the online and off-line experience could compliment each other and work together to deliver a seamless and inspiring experience across all touchpoints, while aligning with the brand idea of “taking people places”.

“Created in parallel with the brand strategy and identity design by Frost*, the CX plan is devised to position Strandbags as the dominant value bag destination; becoming more aligned with the target customers experiential needs and expectations around travel and fashion. The intention here is about helping customers understand the breadth and relevance of the offer, the quality of the product, and to ultimately transition perceptions of Strandbags from ‘a discounter’ to ‘a value retailer’.”

Jeanne ogilvIE,
Customer Experience Strategist,


— Retail

Sites Visited

— Eastgardens, Marrickville, Burwood, Castle Hill, Strand Arcade, Lake Haven, Homebush DFO

Number of People Consulted

— 9 days of customer and non-customers behaviour observation (weekend and weekdays)
— 80 on-site intercept interviews
— mix of ages, styles, male/female
— 15 in-depth non-customer interviews
— 22 in-depth interviews with regional managers and head office team

Duration of project

—11 Weeks

What is Experience Design?

Customer Experience (CX) encompasses all the interactions and perceptions between a customer and your brand.

Successful brands and organisations have refocused their energy and resources towards their customers in order to deliver an experience better aligned with their needs and context.

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