Defining How To
“Try On A house"


 Defining How To “Try On" A house
A National Home Builder approached Frost*collective as they wanted to rethink the typical Welcome Centre format, with an outstanding interior and customer experience strategy. The objective was to allow visitors to have a more personalised and tailored encounter that better serves their interchangeable needs throughout the different stages of their home-buying experience.

To better connect the entire journey, we recommended a multi-dimensional experience which links all the different stages of the experience together. The Welcome Centre, display homes and digital ecosystem, understanding the customers needs and pain-points at every stage of the journey meant we could confidently recommend solutions for delivering a seamless experience.
This meant giving visitors options such as being able to ‘try-on’ the house before their visit, the ability to tinker with design decisions after leaving, or direct access to information they can gather via a personalised portal.

“Elements such as VR tours, which could be done prior to visiting or on-site, as well as 3D-printed mini models of the home you’ve just designed to take home, rather than a flat plan or a complicated architectural drawing, were recommended to round out the experience at every touch point.”


What is Experience Design?

Customer Experience (CX) encompasses all the interactions and perceptions between a customer and your brand.

Successful brands and organisations have refocused their energy and resources towards their customers in order to deliver an experience better aligned with their needs and context.

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— Property

Sites Visited

— Display centres across NSW

Number of People Consulted

— 40 onsite customer and non-customer intercepts
— 15 Welcome Centre sales staff/management interviews

Duration of project

—10 weeks