The Relationship Between Brand & CX.

Why should brand and CX be linked?

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  • Jeanne Ogilvie, Customer Experience Lead

In an age where people increasingly only believe in the word of other customers, having them speak highly of your service and product is exactly what brands should be aiming for.

When cx and brand are disconnected


In a competitive and overcrowded market, doing ‘another good, seamless experience’ just isn’t enough. When brand and CX are disconnected, evidence shows that customers will mostly be driven by convenience, with no real emotional connection to the brand.

Without emotional connection you don’t get access to the loyal customers that have the potential to become your best and loudest ambassadors.

I often compare brands to people. Imagine you’re at a wedding sitting at a table of strangers – everyone will make the effort to be social, polite, but unless you connect with someone on a more emotional level or they have something striking about them, you probably won’t remember who was sitting at that table a couple of days later. Just like CX on its own could be just about managing pain points, making it seamless and comfortable isn’t what is going to get you raving fans.  It will not make you stand out.

The key to greatness

Sure, you can have a good experience without a strong brand. But what takes a brand from good to great is an outstanding customer experience. One of the reasons behind this success (think Airbnb, Apple, Netflix to name a few) is because they have invested huge resources in transforming their business into a customer-centric operation through the lens of their truest brand values.

When you know that Airbnb’s purpose is to “create a world where anyone can belong anywhere…” you understand how the brand has informed the customer experience. Everything Airbnb does is about people; bringing people closer together, getting them to engage with one another, inspire each other, support each other. That is their brand. The customer experience manifestations of those principles are done through on-brand initiatives such as sending guests electronic Christmas cards to send to their previous hosts in the holiday period, or more generally shifting their mindset from simply “renting a bed” to instead selling “adventurous experiences”.

What’s the value of doing both together?

The proverbial chicken or the egg question comes to mind here – do you start with the CX or the Brand?

What you need to remember is this: If aligned with true brand values, putting the customer at the centre of the organisation should result in increased satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately affecting the bottom line for the better.

In most instances, a deep connection with the brand is the key to developing a customer experience that is unique, genuine and authentic.

Jeanne Ogilvie
Customer experience lead
The CX team and the brand team work in parallel – developing the brand while we are learning about the customer, best practice, and business challenges enables us to align and find solutions that answer every parties objectives.”
Two halves make a whole


We’ve found that designing the customer experience with a strong brand lens, gives the creative team a framework, inside of which they can develop inspiring ideas on how to bring the brand to life across every touchpoint while aligning with customer’s needs and expectations.

For example, franchise coffee house Jamaica Blue approached Frost*collective to rethink their brand by developing a seamless hospitality experience from top-to-bottom. The challenge was that the experience needed to work not only for a diverse set of people and modalities, but also across the entire network of 126 stores Australia wide.

Working closely with Jamaica Blue, we developed the Customer Experience and Brand Strategy in parallel. This new ecosystem is the perfect alignment of Jamaica Blue’s business objectives and what drives their customers across brand, environments, service, food and drink, and digital.

Hospitality is an incredibly competitive space, which is why it is critical to create a singular experience that is seamless, consistent and aligned to customers’ needs and modes. Ultimately, we want to create a community of loyal customers who chose Jamaica Blue time and time again, because they know they won’t be let down.

Earlier this month, as a result of this collaborative work and our client’s relentless determination to deliver an outstanding experience while staying true to themselves, Jamaica Blue has won the QSR Media Award for “Best Brand Transformation”.

How CX & brand enrich each other

Outstanding customer experiences make brands stronger. It’s really that simple. A great CX strategy will activate what is great about a brand. Likewise, a well-designed and considered brand is what drives the customer experience and forges that emotional connection you need to attract and retain customers.

For this reason, customer experience and brand should always be treated together. Taking into account the customer’s context, needs, frustrations and so on is the only way to create an experience that people will happily engage with repeatedly, and adding a strong brand lens is the key to making that experience authentic, memorable and therefore successful.

Let’s continue the discussion…

If you’d like to know more about how we can help your organisation, please contact us at or read more about it here.

Jeanne Ogilvie


Customer Experience Lead


Jeanne is an internationally-experienced hybrid strategist. Formerly a Brand Strategist, Jeanne has developed the skills and passion for Customer Experience strategy and now leads the CX offering at Frost*collective. Prior to moving to Australia from France, Jeanne worked on major European brands such as BNPP Paribas, Orange, Unibail, L’Oréal and SNCF. From this experience, Jeanne has developed a strong understanding of people’s behaviours and expectations in physical, highly stimulating environments such as retail stores, shopping centres and within the public domain.

Since joining Frost*collective Jeanne has worked on major brand strategy projects for Lifestyle Channel, University of Wollongong, Canterbury-Bankstown, GrowthBuilt, McGrath and the Australian National Maritime Museum. Jeanne has also delivered Customer Experience Strategies for clients such as Nubo Play centres, a National Home Builder, Australian Museum, Jamaica Blue and Strandbags. From liaising with market research partners, performing market research herself through customer intercepts, working closely with various company stakeholders and collaborating daily with our creative teams, Jeanne has delivered Customer Experience Strategies aligned with customer needs and business objectives, while being fully aligned with the brand, what it stands for and its values.

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