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uow pulse

 Unibrands designed by Frost*

A Family of Brands

Frost* have created a clear and distinct new family of brands for the University of Wollongong’s Union and Student Services functions following their recent merging into a single business.

When we were approached with the project a collection of different brands existed and, not only were students confused, it was an expensive model to operate.
 UOW Pulse designed by Frost*
 UOW Pulse designed by Frost*
 UOW Pulse designed by Frost*

Seriously Unserious

Following research with students, we found they wanted student life branding to be less serious than the parent University brand — which for them represented study and exams — but also more logical and easy to understand. At the same time, UOW are increasingly competing for international students, and need to communicate university life in a way that is globally appealing.
 UOW Pulse designed by Frost*

varsity cues

Our new brand architecture strategy creates a family of brands under a single language and design system. Drawing on universal varsity design cues, we created monograms for each of the sub-brands that create a sense of belonging and can be easily applied to merchandise and uniforms.

A new strong serif typeface is both impactful and confident, helping students find out what’s on more easily, while our use of the parent brand colour palette to ensures the new family connects back to the UOW brand. A series of duck illustrations bring UOW’s duck mascot to life, and create an added layer of fun.
 UOW Pulse designed by Frost*