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 Phil Smith


Wants to visit every country on earth before he dies.

Is a reformed designer who flipped to the client (aka the dark) side!

Makes craft beer. Drinks craft beer. Likes craft beer.

 Emma Stone


Is not the movie star!

Used to be a professional photographer.

 Max Delplanque


Speaks "chti", a dialect from North of France.

As a kid he was fascinated by the movie "the big blue" from Luc Besson and wanted to become a free diver.

For a year he was the night guardian of one of Paris' older theatre... spooky!

 Alex Dalmau

Alex D

Loved to play with dolls as a kid.

Alex reads a book a week. 




Only wears black.

Childhood pets were named Coco and Chanel.

Hasn’t been to Japan enough.

 Jeanne Ogilvie


Has the loudest laugh in the studio (quite infectious? ;) 

Had 2 imaginary friends when she was little (Torotoroumba & Bingy) whom she would ask advice from

Is a real chocolate addict (like literally travels with chocolate in her bag!)

Skypes her Cat in France once a week (she does most of the talking).

 Jason Hughes


I have a collection of VHS surf videos.

I once worked with one of the twin girls from The Shining.

I walked my Mom down the aisle. 

And I can burp longer than you…



Was born in a Dutch village that has no roads. Its buildings are connected entirely by canals and footbridges.

Is dating a famous classical musician.

Is fascinated by new inventions. Did you know that in 2008 scientists discovered a new species of bacteria that lives in hairspray?




 Ryan Curtis


Is fascinated by turtles. 

Once got help with a third grade project on space from NASA. 

And kind of still want to be a firefighter. 



Has clubbed thumbs

Was an extra for a UK soap when he was a teenager 

His favourite sport is all-you-can-eat sushi buffets



Shaves his head twice a day.

Has been to Shanghai many times.

Owns a lot of socks.