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An unbeatable interdisciplinary offer solving problems with empathy and creativity to design experiences that benefit people, business and the planet.

We operate as Australia’s leading independent strategic collective, pulling together specialist skills when necessary for maximum creativity and flexibility. Clients can tap into services from one, many, or all parts of the Collective – we are all under one roof and we share a passion to design a better world by designing a better business – one that is collaborative, conscientious and impactful.

Teams within the Collective
  • Frost* Brand

    Strategy, design and communications specialists with three decades’ experience in inspiring brands to life.

  • Urbanite

    Inspiring spatial experiences that connect people to place.

  • Frost* Place

    The leading authority on visions, brands and marketing for cities, places and property.

  • Jack

    Helping brands grow with impactful packaging that’s more friendly for people and the planet.


B Corp

  • Designing a better world starts with designing a better business.
    We’re proud to be recognised as a certified B Corp™ – a business
    legally required to balance profit with purpose. By making
    decisions that benefit our employees, clients, our community and the
    environment, we’re using Frost*collective as a force for good.


    It means after a rigorous process, we meet the highest standards
    of social and environmental performance, public transparency
    and legal accountability, joining the 3,500-strong global community
    of B Corps using business for good.


    Being a B Corp means we’ve permanently altered our company
    structure so that our team is taken care of and supported,
    our environmental footprint is kept low, and our work with
    charities, not-for-profits and purpose-driven enterprises
    makes a positive impact.

  • It means we’re held accountable – now and well into the future –
    to keep designing a better world for people, businesses
    and the planet. By working together, as a client or a Frostie,
    we’re using Frost*collective for good.


    You can find out more about our B-Corp Certification here.



Our management team:
Vince Frost Founder, CEO & ECD
Carlo Giannasca Managing Director / Partner
Ant Donovan Group Creative Director / Partner
Natalie Smith Head of Brand
Cat Burgess Head of Place
Adam Longo Head of Environments
Angela Young Group Finance Manager
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Talks & Podcasts
Talks & Podcasts
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