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November 9th 2016

Property Industry Poised to Adopt Immersive VR to Engage Buyers

Frost*collective and Transmedia Group announce joint venture offering interactive and immersive VR, redefining expectations in property marketing.

Together with technology and innovation company Transmedia Group we have announced a joint venture offering transformative VR technology to the property industry. The venture is a bold and mutually strategic move which expands and strengthens our core service offers and leverages opportunities to provide innovative communication solutions across brand, technology and environments.

The new entity will be called NestVR. Our aim will be to transform the way architects and developers execute and manage complex building projects to market by introducing immersive VR technology early in client relationships. Additionally, with the industry currently relying on 360 degree, static, non-interactive virtual tours, there are significant benefits that immersive real-time VR brings to developers and property marketers to trigger sales interest.

The excitement around this new experience has a lot to do with us creating a place where VR meets storytelling and branding,” continued Frost. “VR closes the gap between creator and participant in a way that goes beyond our notions of interpretation or understanding. It’s only through the total engagement of both the creator and the participant in the virtual experience, that it’s potential can be fully realised.

NestVR is a direct response to the consumer pressure points experienced during the property acquisition cycle. “For a buyer to understand everything about their environment including panoramas from each floor before purchase, is a powerful selling tool. This technology offers prospective buyers an engagement experience that can be used at critical points along the customer journey. This is a major win for the consumer and a developer’s dream,” said Vince Frost.

Frost*collective’s recent marketing campaign for Coronation’s 8 Phillip Street development in Parramatta, Sydney features a display suite designed entirely around a fully immersive, real-time VR experience. “As an agency we have a strong human-centred design approach,” explained Frost. “Every component of the project deliverables, of which the immersive VR component is an integral part, enriches the customer journey.”